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David Gagne

David Gagne Maine MusicianDavid Gagne has been a professional musician since he was twelve years old – a bandleader, published songwriter, music director, singer, instrumentalist, honored teacher and live performer for nearly forty-eight years.

David first led a rhythm section at age fifteen for Chester Bennett of Titan Studios in Largo, FL. Mr. Bennett is an engineer of some renown having worked with Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen and other well-known artists.  Gagne soon signed his first recording and management contract with a firm out of Washington DC. Although a good experience for the Gagne and his band, things did not go as promised and they were released from their contract to sign two years later with Widget Recording (Jackson Highway) in the Muscle Shoals Group of recording studios in Alabama. Dave and the band would travel the Southeast playing live shows and writing and demoing songs to be shown to artists for their consideration. The young band got to learn the ropes of the business and rub elbows with the top studio musicians in the industry.

The Diamonds (Lil’Darlin) took a liking to one of Gagne’s songs and recorded it for an album called The Diamonds are Forever.  Gagne continued to write and tour the east Coast with his band until the late 70’s when he settled in Maine to teach and perform.

Gagne attended the University of Maine for Jazz studies.  He served as Director of Music at New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH for 14 years where he founded a unique Contemporary Music Program, offering songwriting, recording, and ensembles of all sizes and musical styles as well as more traditional Concert Band and Chorus.  Students from around the globe sought and attended his program.  Gagne directed the music for the school’s annual musical (e.g. Grease, Bye Bye Birdie, Tommy, The Wizard of Oz) and summer performing arts camp where young adults (having just met each other) would write, record, collaborate and perform an entire original album in three weeks’ time.

Gagne returned to the coast of Maine with his family in 2008, performing up to 300 times per year and teaching private lessons to students ages 5 through 85.

Steve Jones

Bob Colwell

Bob Colwell has been playing and recording music in New England since the late 1970s. He is a founding member of The Colwell Brothers Band, The Inspectors, The Boneheads, Delco Ray, and Alter Igor. He’s also worked as a sideman for artists such as Francine Reed, Bo Diddley, Cidny Bullens, Cyril Neville and Rick Danko. Working as a recording engineer/producer, Bob has had a hand in creating over 400 albums that run the gamut of musical genres including rap, blues, country, rock and roll, jazz, gospel, bluegrass and more.

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